Cricket - a sport on the rise

Tracing its origins back to medieval times, cricket is a sport that is continuing to grow in popularity as more teams and nations continue to adopt this wonderful sport. Whether you're a fan of ODIs, T20 or test cricket, here at StubHub you will find a range of cricket tickets so you can be there in the stands supporting your team. Although primarily played in Australasia (New Zealand & Australia), Great Britain, Ireland, the Indian subcontinent, Southern Africa and the Caribbean, cricket is also played in countries like the Netherlands, Afghanistan, Canada and Kenya. Be part of this global game as you buy Cricket match tickets today at StubHub.  

Cricket rules and formats

For people unfamiliar with the rules of cricket, or just the sport in general, it can seem a confusing, illogical sport. Terms like "LBW" (leg-before-wicket), "silly mid-off" and "caught in the slips" sound like quotes from a Monty Python sketch. However, once you have mastered the rules a five-day test match ending in a draw can seem incredibly exciting! 

There are three main types of cricket: Test Cricket, One Day International Cricket (ODI) and Twenty Twenty Cricket (T20). Test cricket is genuinely viewed as the highest standard of cricket as matches are played over five days and each team is allowed two innings (to chances to bat and bowl). The most famous Test series in cricket is the Ashes, a historic competition between England and Australia that has been taking place for well over 100 years. ODI and T20 are 'limited overs' cricket, consisting of 50 and 20 overs per team respectively. This form of cricket is the fasted-growing and leagues like the Big Bash in Australia and India's lucrative IPL feature some of the planet's best cricketers. 

Here at StubHub we have Test tickets, ODI tickets and T20 tickets for matches all over the world. Want to see England sweat in the Australian summer sun, or India dominate other teams on their dry, dusty pitches. Whatever you're looking for, StubHub has the answer.

Cricket teams and rankings

There are, so far, there are only twelve nations that have full membership of the International Cricket Council (the ICC) meaning that they can play Test Cricket. These are:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • England
  • Bangladesh
  • Ireland
  • Afghanistan
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe
  • West Indies
  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Pakistan

Traditionally, there have been periods of dominance by national cricket teams. The West Indies led the way in the 1980s with cricketing legends like Viv Richards and Clive Lloyd. This was then followed by the great Australian cricket side that featured cricketers like Glenn McGrath, Shane Warne, Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting. Which will be the next national side to dominate the cricketing world. Whatever happens, with cricket tickets you can be there in person and cheering on from the stands!


A​l​l tickets are paid in INR. Prices in USD are estimated for informative purposes.

Test Series

A​l​l tickets are paid in INR. Prices in USD are estimated for informative purposes.

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